1. Players must be 18 years of age or older to play.

2. Live Streamed and in-Hall VBingo prize column will be set based on regular game card sales when the regular program starts.

3. Special Games prizes will be 50% of the Special Game card sales.

4. Live Streamed and Special Games VBingo Card sales for the event end 30 minutes before the start of the event.

5. In Hall played VBingo Card sales will be available until the end of page 5 of the regular program.

6. In-Hall VBingo, Live Streamed VBingo bingo, Special Games VBingo paper is controlled by AGLC paper code, color and serial number.

7. AGLC code, color, and series number of each card must match the issuance for the event. Each sheet of Live Streamed, Special Games VBingo paper will have the Hall name, date and the event where the card(s) are valid.

8. Bingo card(s) are recorded and sold for a specific event.

9. Bingo card(s) cannot be separated, the whole sheet must be returned. Altering and/or splitting or cutting bingo cards is prohibited. Any prizes won on altered bingo cards will not be honored.

10. Only the recorded winning card(s) with a valid receipt may claim a prize.

11. Games on a single page may be won out of order.

12.Games on a single page may be won at the same time.

13. Prizes may only be claimed for the event the cards were assigned to.

14. In Hall VBingo cards are verified according to the CBH, while Live Streamed, Special Games VBingo card(s) must be verified by phone at the event level.

15. If there is more than one winner for Live Streamed or In-Hall VBingo, prizes will divided evenly. Minimum payout is $20. If there is more than one winner for Special Games VBingo prizes will divided evenly.

16. Winning and verified Live Streamed, Special Games VBingo cards together with the receipt must be returned to the participating Hall within 10 days of the specific event for payment, containing the front and back of the card, name, address, phone number and email address of the winner.

17. Winning in-Hall VBingo prizes to be paid as per standard in-Hall payouts. Live Streamed, Special Games VBingo prizes must be claimed within 10 days of the event where the Live Streamed, Special Games card was a winner,

18. All unclaimed prizes will be recorded and accumulated for ten days. After ten (10) days, the unclaimed prizes will be placed
in the Bingo pool.

19. Special Games will be optional and offered on a Hall by Hall basis. The games offered will be determined by the Hall's Rules of Play for the Special Games that have been approved by the AGLC.

20. Live streamed VBingo Special Games cards will have a different color then in-Hall Special Games cards and sales tracked by the NCR receipt.

21. Caller will pause for a minimum of 30 seconds at the end of each game asking three times if there are any more Bingos, then close the game.

22. Card(s) not played due to technical difficulties experienced in the Hall will be exchanged for play at a next scheduled same value event within thirty days or be refunded.

23. VBingo wins will be paid by cheque, e-transfer or cash once winning card(s) are received and validated.

24. Promotional contests, draws or giveaways up to $500 in value are permitted at a VBingo event provided that:

a) each participant is offered a ticket to be entered into a draw that will take place at the event;
b) no requirement that the person purchase VBingo cards to receive a ticket;
c) ifthe prize remains unclaimed after seven days, then it will be redrawn at a subsequent VBingo event;
d) staff and event volunteers are not eligible to receive a draw ticket;
e) paid for by either non-gaming funds or the Promotional Budget.

25. Door Prizes may be awarded as Cash, Facility Gift Certificates or Merchandise prizes at any VBingo event not to exceed $200 total and will be recorded as prize payout. Door Prizes will be awarded by a random draw using Player Receipt numbers or theatre style tickets given to players upon purchase of their cards.

26. Volunteers on duty for an event may not play VBingo.

27. Registered staff may not play VBingo at the Hall that they are employed.

28. There will be an intermission partway through the program.

29. VBingo players are responsible for their own reception.

30. No refunds for unused card(s).

31. VBingo card(s) are the responsibility of the player. Lost or damaged card(s) will not be refunded or replaced.

32. VBingo Rules of Play are universal and any changes require agreement between Bingo Alberta and the AGLC.