Bingo Alberta $50,000 Promotion

Two lucky weeks in November and December


13 Halls--13 daily draw winners every day for 14 days!

Daily winners receive $25 hall value prizes

All the daily winners are eligible for the big Money Tree Draw at the end of the 14 days.

All the daily winners will have their names entered in the Money Tree Draw.  From all the daily winners one name will be drawn for the Money Tree Draw.

This lucky winner will go to  Money Tree #1.  Here the lucky player will select 1 of 3 prize envelopes.. Two envelopes will say  SORRY. One will say CONGRATULATIONS. If a SORRY envelope is selected the game is over but the person still receives a $2000 prize.

If the winner selects the CONGRATULATIONS envelope, he or she will move on to Money Tree #2. This time they will choose another envelope from a selection of five. If they choose the CONGRATULATONS envelope they will move on the the grand prize tree.

At Money Tree #3 they will select from seven envelopes. If they again select the CONGRATULATIONS envelope they win the $50,000 grand prize. 

All you have to do, is show up at your favorite Bingo Hall (one of the 13 participating halls) and you can enter the daily draw. Look under "Where to Play" to find out which halls are participating.


Bingo Alberta Province Wide Promotion


Rules of Play


  1.     Must be 18 years of age to enter 


  1.     No purchase necessary 


  1.     All prizes to be paid as listed 


  1.     One draw daily from each location from November 22, 2021 to December 5, 2021. 14 entry forms from each participating bingo hall will be entered into the final draw. 


  1.     One entry form will drawn daily at each of the participating locations. The winner of the daily draw will receive a $25 Gift Certificate for the bingo hall their entry was drawn at. 


  1.     Entrants do not have to be present on the night of the draw in the bingo hall, but must be available for contact by phone to participate in the Money Trees. 


  1.     On December 9, 2021 at 7:45, the final draw will be livestreamed at bingoalbertalive. The livestream will have all the entry forms shown, then folded and added to the bin. One name will be drawn from the bin. That entrant will be contacted by telephone to play the Money Trees. The Money Trees has a possible $50,000 prize, with a consolation prize of $2000.Should that entrant not answer the call, a five minute window will be given and they will be called a second time. Should they not answer the second call, another entry will be drawn. 


  1.     Each of the three Money Trees will have numbered envelopes attached. The player on the phone will choose an envelope. If the envelope says Congratulations, the entrant will go to the next Money Tree. If the envelope says Sorry, the entrant will win a prize of $2000 and the game is over. 


  1.     The hall that generated the winning finalist will receive $1000 to give to the players playing in the hall at the time of the draw as 20 x $50 Gift Certificates for their hall players.